A larger volume, deep face fairway metal that provides enhanced performance and confidence off the tee.

The Titleist® 910 fairway metals deliver total performance with improvements in flight, fit, looks, feel and sound. With its larger volume head design, the Titleist 910Fd provides enhanced distance and control from the tee compared to a traditional fairway metal. A deeper face and larger hitting area inspire the confidence needed to hit the fairway more often. And its patented, SureFit™ Tour, dual-angle hosel technology provides the ability to make precise, independent loft and lie adjustments to fine-tune ball flight for more distance and accuracy.

  • Overview

    Driving Performance

    Our most technologically advanced head design delivers outstanding performance for longer, straighter shots from the tee or turf.

    Better Fit

    Patented, innovative, dual-angle SureFit Tour (SFT) hosel technology allows you to set loft and lie independently to optimize ball flight - higher or lower, and for more draw or fade - for increased distance and improved shot control. Interchangeable shaft connection and rear weight screw provide enhanced fitting options.

    Traditional Looks

    Compact, high performance head with a rich black, PVD and paint finish inspires confidence at address.

    Improved Sound and Feel

    Acoustically engineered for a hot, solid sound and feel.

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    High Performance Shaft Options

    Multiple stock and custom shaft options allow the shaft to be fit for maximum ball speed and preferred feel. In combination with the proper SFT setting, this provides a better overall fit.

    360° Grip

    Titleist Tour Velvet 360° grip retains the proper feel and aesthetic in any SFT setting.

  • Specs



    Men’s Std Length

    Women’s Std Length

    STD Face Angle


    57 º



    0.5º Open





    0.5º Open

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