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Stephen V

  • Sacramento, CA
  • July 19
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Pro V1x

x distance version


9.5 a1 setting. Diamana s+ 60 gram stiff shaft stock lenght golf pride tour velvet standard


15 degree and 19 degree tour velvet grip


24 degree stiff diamana golf pride tour velvet standard

716 AP2

project x 5.0 2 degrees flat 1/2 inch shorter golf pride tour velvet standard

Vokey SM6

sm 2009 52.08, 56.11, 60.04 stock shafts 2 degrees flat. 1 inch shorter than standard

Scotty Cameron GOLO

2015 GoLo 5R 33 inch 20 g weights. oem grip

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  1. 7 months ago

    Stephen V started a discussion

    Quick wear on Titleist AP2 716 faces?

    Bought my titleist 716 ap2 irons 6 months pw looks like it belongs in a yard sale. Played barely 9 rounds, and probably 5 range sessions.... ? Please advise.