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Fit now or wait for spring

Joel L

I want to solicit opinions on when to get fitted this year. I am looking to find a better shaft/head combination for my woods, specifically the driver. I normally would work with my club pro during the year on my equipment but his fitting kit is limited. I am very interested in trying the PX Even Flow Blue/Black shafts before making a decision. I have not played since the first week of December due to weather in my area but I have been working out regularly. My local Club Champions is running a nice entire bag fitting special until the end of January. They have the best selection of shafts I have seen but I am not a fan of indoor fittings. I don't need to make drastic changes, 2 handicap last year.

Do I take advantage of the special now or wait til spring when the Titleist fitting vans finally hit the road? I have a nice bonus coming and would love to get ready before spring arrives. Thoughts or comments?

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  1. Barry B

    Go ahead and take advantage of the indoor fitting special and if you are not satisfied with the results wait until you can get another fitting done outside. The upside is that at least you'll be able to get some swings in with the Even Flow shafts and see how they feel.
  2. Don O

    For the other viewpoint, I'd want to see the entire ball flight along with a radar unit that can follow the flight down range. If there are specific shafts you want to try as part of the fitting, the local Titleist rep can work with the concierges to make additional shafts available from the matrix for your fitting, either with your pro or for a Titleist Thursday fitting. Besides, I like to adjust the tee height more than I can on mats. I hate having to adjust my swing to catch the ball as part of a fitting.
    Club Champion can fit shafts not in the Titleist matrix, but you are then limited to their indoor studios. I notices only the Blue Even-Flo is listed in the matrix right now. You'd have to work with Titleist in the spring about the Black.
  3. Rick D

    I also am playing to a 2 and live in northcentral WI, so have the long winter layoff. I would take the fitting, then hold off judgement until I could get an outdoor fitting with the fitting fan to confirm the winter fitting. I did a full fitting while traveling in the south a few years ago. We hit in a small indoor range during winter at home. My fitting in Texas went well. Difference with a winter fitting for me was consistency and a little lower swing speed than I'll get when playing regularly. But there were enough good swings in there to be confident in the fitting results. I ended up ordering clubs off that fitting and it's worked.
  4. Speedy

    I would take advantage of both unless there's a fee with the indoor one? We all know the Titleist Thursday's fitting are no charge unless you go to Manchester Lane or Oceanside. Can't hurt to have more than one opinions...
  5. Jim S

    I would wait until spring, not I am not big fan of indoor fittings.I do not seem to make the same swing plus I want to see ball flight.
  6. Chuck Z

    If you are looking for an outdoor fitting, wait and see when there will be a Titleist Thursday in your area in the spring. The PGA Show is the end of January so I would not anticipate anything being announced before then. Just an opinion. They are free and they do fittings for Drivers, Fairways, Hybrids, Irons, and Wedges. You can sign up in advance for more that one fitting.
  7. Joel L

    FYI, my club pro tried to get the Even Flow shafts from Titleist for temporary fitting sessions. They were told that the Black shafts are not available and the Blue are limited. They are very new so may come out next spring. Adam Scott is playing the EF Black in his driver.
  8. mj

    i would wait, like Don O; i too like to see my ball flight, see where it goes, height....etc. I also find this time, probably not swing your club as much...and once you are in sorta a groove...then get fitted. Also, not a fan of machine telling me how far it to see it with my eyes.
  9. Barry S

    I agree with MJ. I would wait to be fitted outdoors. I also like to see the ball flight etc.. Have been fitted indoors and out, and much prefer seeing the results outside.
  10. Rob R

    Club Champion does an excellent job when fitting people for clubs. I have been fitted by them in the past and was very happy with the results. Being fitted indoors doesn't bother me as much as the winter lay-off from swinging clubs. My swing is much more inconsistent this time of year as compared to late March or early April.

    Check with Club Champion about buying the fitting now and redeeming it in the spring.
  11. 19hole

    Personally I think I would do the fitting when my swing was in its "normal" state. If you feel that it is in form for how you normally swing the club and the indoor fiting uses a TrackMan then go for it now. If you have not been swinging the club for a while in the off-season, then I would wait until you have had some time in the spring to get your swing back in tune and then get your fitting done.

    You want the swing during your fitting to be as close as possible to your normal, in-season swing as possible.

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