Tips from the Tour: Pitching advice from Blayne Barber

Sometimes the hardest shots in golf are the ones that look to be easy. For example, take a 60-yard shot to a back pin on a large, welcoming green. You have a perfect lie in the fairway with no obstacles to carry or surrounding hazards to worry about - just a straight-forward pitch shot.

This should represent a good opportunity to get within one-putt range, right? Why then is it so easy to chunk this shot or skull it over the green? We asked Titleist Brand Ambassador Blayne Barber for his thoughts and he told us that problems on this type of shot often stem from poor shot selection.

“A lot of times when I’m playing with amateurs or in pro-ams I see guys try to fly the ball all the way back there or play a special shot that’s going to hit and spin," Blayne said. "And that’s a difficult shot to hit.”

Instead, as he shows in the tip above, Blayne likes to play a high-percentage shot that eliminates the bad mistake and gives you a much better chance to get up and down.

Watch the video and let us know if this shift in strategy saves you some strokes.