Why Get Fit?

There are no stock players. No stock swings. Hence, no stock setups.

A Titleist golf club fitting is so much more than determining your specs – it’s about learning which shots you need and finding the right clubs to hit those shots.

At Titleist, we focus on making sure that every metal, iron and wedge in your bag is optimizing your distance, dispersion and decent angle, what we call the 3Ds, along with the ideal speed and distance gapping between each club.

Bottom line: If you haven't been fit, you aren't playing your best golf. It's that simple.


This is the ultimate personal fitting experience at premium fitting locations. Golfers experience the same process, equipment and TrackMan Launch Monitor technology that the best players in the world rely on to improve their game. These fittings are recommended for dedicated golfers looking for the most detailed fitting experience.

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Titleist conducts hundreds of fitting days each year across South-East Asia. Titleist Fitting Representatives work one-on-one with golfers to help determine the best clubs for their game using TrackMan Launch Monitor technology. These free fittings are by appointment and recommended for golfers looking for a detailed yet relaxed fitting experience.

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Titleist Fitting Partners are located both on and off-course. Certified Titleist fitters use advanced tools to help golfers select clubs, optimize club performance and fine-tune their set composition.

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On average, fittings can last from 90 minutes (single club) up to 3 hours (full bag fitting).

The Titleist Approach

Women's Golf Equipment

Our goal is to help all women golfers play better and shoot lower scores, and being fit for the right equipment is an important part of that. Discover which products will perform best for your game.

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Youth Club Fitting

As with all Titleist fittings, younger golfer performance is the #1 priority. Select fitting locations have been outfitted with special tools for golfers who benefit from shorter and lighter clubs.

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Discover your recommended Titleist golf clubs with the help of our interactive selection tools.

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