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Ball Plant 3 Tour

On a chilly, snowy morning in New Bedford, Massachusetts, I was treated to a taste of spring and summer touring the famed Ball Plant 3, which produces...

Golf Balls

Pretty Cool!

These were made for our golf team by my wife. She owns a local boutique, and is one of the many supporters of our team....

Golf Balls

Ball testing

Is there a reason why I didn't get a link to provide feedback on the recent test golf Ball? Is it a random selection?

Golf Balls


Has anyone been trying the AVX? Played it the last 2 weekends here in Texas. Ball seems to go longer off driver and 1/2 clubs...

Golf Balls

I never have luck

I keep reading everyone say they got a new Sleeve of the new pro v1 pro v1x so they can try out but just my luck I never win...

Golf Balls

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

I got a huge surprise when I got home Friday. Waiting in my mailbox was a sleeve of the new Titleist Velocity balls. Thank...

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