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Driver Hosel Replacement

I recently broke the hosel screw while adjusting my Titleist 915 driver. The screw actually broke off and had to be drilled out of the shaft adapter....

Golf Clubs


Does any one where to get Titleist logo grips? I've seen them before as stock options on older clubs, but haven't...

Golf Clubs

Order status

Hello guys, I ordered a set of 718 ap2 with ctaper lite shafts and golf pride mcc4 and was told by the supplier that y’all...

Golf Clubs

New Clubs!!!

As you all know I just recently purchased the new 718 AP3 irons, actually got to play with them Tuesday and they preformed on...

Golf Clubs

AP2 Lofts

I received my custom AP2 irons today and I'm really excited. But I have a question. I was at my local shop when a...

Golf Clubs

First ever new set

Well my second Christmas happened today. Got the email from my pro to say my clubs had arrived. I was lucky enough to have...

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