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Charanpal S

Hi, is it possible to place an order online for custom Titleist AP1 irons or need to place an order via Retail Stores??

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  1. Tyler H

    You will need to work through an authorized Titleist retailer.

    Titleist does not sell directly to consumer besides MyProV1 or WedgeWorks

  2. Dale V

    Like Tyler said, authorized dealer. Might be a retailer and many golf course pro shops too. Some golf courses will host the fittings and give you a bit of a deal on the purchase.
  3. BMaddigan

    Have you already been fitted? If so, just go to a dealer and give them your specs. If not, you should not buy anything without being fitted. You may get lucky and get the right clubs, but if you are spending $1000+, you want the exact clubs fitted to you.
  4. David A

    You can very easily through the golfers warehouse.
  5. Jerry M

    Just a comment Charanpal. I hope you know what you're doing by ordering a custom set with out a fitting. There are an incredible amount of combinations out there with the number of shafts available. The shaft is the engine of the club. Good luck!
  6. Luke R

    You will need to go through an authorized Titleist retailer.
  7. Wade W

    There are online retailers who will take custom orders.


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