Vokey SM10 Short Game Camps: Now Open!

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By Jaxson J

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  1. Jaxson J

    Jaxson J

    Team Titleist Staff

    This spring, we’re inviting Team Titleist members from across the country to experience the new Vokey SM10 wedges at a Short Game Camp near them.

    Registration is now open! Head over to the Experiences tab, or use the link below to find and register for an event near you.

    Vokey SM10 Short Game Camps 

    Vokey SM10 Short Game Camps are designed for golfers looking to find the right wedges to optimize their short game this season. Exclusive to Team Titleist members, every participating member will get fit for a new Vokey SM10 wedge, plus receive first-class class short game coaching & instruction to sharpen their short game. 

    Events will include coaching & demonstrations, a Vokey SM10 wedge fitting, Vokey SM10 short game competitions, and a Team Titleist prize pack. 

    Short Game Camp registrations are filled on a first come, first serve basis.

    Which event will you be attending? Let us know in the comments below!

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  2. Jason R

    Jason R
    Ottawa, ON

    Timing is everything .....! Seems one will be hosted at my home course - the week I am away on business.

    Ah well - good to see these continuing! Enjoy everyone - a great opportunity to get some fitting expertise on wedges, something I think many overlook. Still using lessons learned at the Short Game TT event at Pinehurst a few years ago.
  3. Dave


    I was golfing yesterday playing my new SM 10 wedges for the first round this year and read the email after finishing. I’m on the waiting list for Bearspaw with Max and looking forward with fingers crossed.
  4. Peter H

    Peter H
    Delta, BC

    Looks like a wonderful event, unfortunately I will be away when it comes through Vancouver.

    I was fortunate enough to try the new SM10’s at “The Dale” in San Diego last month. The series looks like another winner from Vokey. Prior to the event Aaron from Vokey gave a talk & demo about the new SM10’s.
  5. Very happy to be registered for may 17 ,,,need a good short game lesson. Thank Team Titleist

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