Any AVX update yet?

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By Doug E

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  1. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    Have really noticed some positive attributes playing this AVX alongside my ProVs. I think I could play this ball regularly, though have not yet tried it in normal temps. (It's been no warmer than 50s on the few rounds I have played with the AVX.) We, along with half the country are in the middle of a deep freeze, so there will be little chance to test it further for awhile. I do love the more boring flight I seem to get with it off the driver. Certainly seems like less spin. I'm getting used to the slightly different sound it makes at impact with my 917D2. Caught me off guard the first time I hit one, but was pleasantly surprised to see it was a couple yards longer than the Pro V1 I also hit. Felt like I hit the Pro V better, until I got to the balls.

    In any case, before I get too interested in the new AVX, has there been any decisions made as to whether it will be in the regular Titleist ball lineup this year for every state in the union or still just FL, CA and AZ? (I bought my dozen when on a trip to FL.)

    Price point and positioning within the lineup is also of great interest. I like the ball, but at this point, paying more for it than a Pro V seems a bit much. I have a hard enough time swallowing the cost of those, usually buying my supply of ProVs during the 4 for 3 deals and around Christmas when they are usually discounted down to 40 bucks. (I still have 6 doz.) If AVX could be purchased for $39-$40, you may certainly lose some ProV buyers, but you will likely gain a bunch of NXT Tour or other brand tour level ball users who can't justify the price of ProVs. It blows away the NXT Tour around the greens, in my opinion, and takes away any cost advantage the newly-popular ChromeSoft may offer. A urethane covered ball, virtually just as good as a ProV (for most of us), at a cost more inline with other manufacturer's Tour-level balls, yet better than theirs, and from the best golf ball company in the world, sporting the familiar Titleist script, and I think we have a winner. Bonus that it is also available in High Optic Yellow! God knows there are many who have been wanting that option for years.

    So, where does the AVX stand at this point in planning? I'll uess right now that the answer to that question is, we'll have to wait to the PGA show later this month to find out more, right? How about a hint? Just a little one? C'mon we're Team Titleist here. We're supposed to know these things before the world. ;-)

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Doug - Amen. I would be hard-pressed to pay the current full price if it wasn't part of the 4-4-3 deal. I'd hate to switch between white Pro-V1s and amber AVX depending on sky conditions (cloudy) and partners with vision better than me. Having hit my first 150 yard 7-iron (ever) on an uphill fairway with the AVX and an AP-3, pricing will be a tough decision.

    Between folks reporting seeing the AVX at the #3 ball plant tour and Titleist-loyal pro shops outside of CA, AZ, and FL having had shipments of the AVX, I think we do know more than the average golfer that the AVX will most likely continue, but we'll have to wait 3 weeks for the PGA Merchandise show announcement. Maybe the NXT lines will be supplanted with the AVX?

    After trying the 2017 Pro-V1 last fall, I didn't think life could get better than what that ball did for my game. How did they do it with the AVX?
  3. Keith M

    Keith M
    Acworth, GA

    I *almost* bought a dozen when I was recently in PGA Superstore here in GA. They had about 10 dozen left, but knowing I was getting two dozen Pro V1x for Christmas, I passed. Largely because of the price.

    I want to test them, but after stocking up on Pro V1x at the discounted price, I decided to hold out. It would be nice if you could buy just a sleeve for testing to see if you want to take the plunge on a full dozen after testing and seeing if they offer appreciable benefits to the Pro V1 or x.
  4. chris b

    chris b
    Leesburg, VA

    Even if this ball is to replace the NXT line-up, I still think it is way too high priced. It performs well but not to replace the V1 line. You will never lose those V1 players, so why put it at that price to begin with?
    If it wasn't named the AVX & was called the "ProV2" ... would everyone still complain about the price? It didn't perform better than the V1 for me, but it was fairly close. I thought the V1 spins better around the greens, which is what I want my ball to do. A few yards of difference off the tee is no big deal.
    If the price is lowered, I would consider buying these again to have a back up ball on hand, but not as long as they are priced the same as the V1.
  5. Tom P

    Tom P
    Stanley, NC

    I don't understand all the mystery surrounding the AVX. Unless it is intended to create a buzz (and it seems to be working). I've played it and saw nothing special except it is another ball in the mix with ProV1 and ProV1X and it is offered in yellow. I don't need another white ball that is difficult to see. There are other yellow balls available that suit my needs just as well or maybe even better. So, whatever Titleist decides to do with the AVX is fine with me.
  6. nate l

    nate l
    lees summit, MO

    I think it almost has to be priced sub 40. I am a die hard Titleist guy but have to buy when they're on sale. So many great urethane balls out under 40, I think Titleist has to step to keep market share.
  7. D. Coble T

    D. Coble T
    Denver, CO

    Thanks for all the insight gents! Looking to sample this new line as I've switched back to NXT Tour Soft after trying the ProV1X....when can I sample/purchase here in CO?
  8. Don T

    Don T
    Lafayette, CO

    Coal Creek Golf in Louisville, Co still had some right after New Years. There were a few on Ebay but the price was even higher..
  9. Believe it or not, I saw some at Uinta Golf in Salt Lake right before Christmas. Almost pulled the trigger, but I am loyal to ProV1's. Oh, and the fact that it's winter and I can't play them in good weather for a few more months. I would like to give them a try, but it will be awhile.
  10. Tom P

    Tom P
    Stanley, NC

    Clarification from my previous post: If Titleist decides to continue with the yellow AVX, I'm sure I will play it. I just did not experience any of the distance and performance gains that others have discussed...I didn't lose any distance or performance either compared to my gamer for the past 18 years, the ProV1. It would be a bonus if the price point for a dozen is $5 - $9 less than the ProV1.
  11. Michael M

    Michael M
    Grand Island, NY

    I really like Bridgestone’s RX and srxn’s QST balls because they perform well for me. But if the AVX becomes a fixture in the Titleist lineup and if it performs as well as the RX and QST balls, then it would instantly become my gamer. Performance is the #1 factor for me in ball selection. But playing a Titleist ball, no matter its price point, makes great economic sense for me as well. I’ll explain briefly.

    I don’t hit the ball very far, but I hit it pretty straight. So I don’t lose a lot of balls, and therefore don’t have to buy a lot of balls.

    I belong to a club whose pro shop stocks Titleist balls exclusively. Every year, somehow, I win a prize or three in an event, whether through drawing or playing, and it would sure be nice to take it as a sleeve/ dozen balls; one needs only so many Bushwood shirts, hats, and so on.

    I’ve also won a dozen Titleists in the same manner at “away” events. Again, it sure would be nice to put the balls in my bag rather than give them to one of my buddies.

    Further, in the unlikely event I were to run out of balls while on the road, I can be sure that I can buy Titleists wherever I find myself. Titleist is a universal golf currency, eh? As much as I like srxn balls, they are not widely available in pro shops. I don't like the idea of buying golf balls other than my regular gamer.

    Finally, I’d like to settle on *a* ball. Buying a 3-for-2 or 4-for-3 package in the spring is not terribly expensive. Repeatedly buying several dozens of latest-and-greatest balls of the year, trying a sleeve or less, and then giving the remainder to a kid is what’s expensive. I’ve been there.

    So playing a Titleist ball that I like makes economic sense for me. I’m a club member who is no longer young and therefore not at the beginning of my earning curve. Further, I feel not so much a pressure as a desire to support our pro by making my golf purchases from him whenever possible. A “Titleist QST” would be my ideal solution.

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