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  1. I know I’ve see a few of these posts since COVID started, but can someone give a timeline of how long it took their new clubs to get in? I know how long the estimated timeline is, but I’m hoping that maybe it won’t be 3 weeks.

  2. SCOTT S

    boulder, co

    fitted for T-200”s +3/4 and ordered on 5/20

    our pro checked back after 3 weeks and was told they were on back order.

    any idea on when they will be back in stock?

    i am beyond stoked for my first Titleist set.


  3. SCOTT S

    boulder, co

    my pro talked to the titleist rep, but they did not have an estinate for me of when the T-200 would be back in stock
  4. I ordered custom fit T200 irons the last week of May. My pro called to check on the status and was told that Titleist was awaiting an order of shafts which were meant to arrive on June 24 and was hopeful that that might mean I'd receive my clubs "in early July".
  5. I'm also curious if anyone has an update on order times.
  6. Ordered custom t300's in march...just received them yesterday. No tracking number, no emails, nothing. But I had been told several times in the past 2 months that "they just received the parts!" but never any follow up with a timeline or, like I said, even a tracking number to let me know they were actually on the way. Very disappointing experience.
  7. Forget it. Nothing is being delivered on time. They promised me 8 weeks on December 2021, and we are now going to be way past March 2022. Maybe if they threw in a free 56 Vokey S wedge, I don't even care about the grind or bounce,feel a little better about the delay. and the broken promise,
  8. Jim C

    Jim C
    Braintree, MA

    I was fitted last Thursday and placed the order through my club today. The Titleist rep that was onsite at my club's demo day on Saturday said to expect delivery in about a week - my order for the T 100's is pretty standard, nothing out of the ordinary FYI.
  9. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    This is a forum, mainly of product users. We all have stories about the specific length of time for our own orders but shut downs, mailing locations, special shafts or alterations, all factor in. Your best estimate will always be what you are told from the retailer for which you placed the order.
  10. Not necessary true. When I ordered my T200s, the retailer told me to expect delivery in approximately 3 weeks, now Titleist is saying 2+ months. Very disappointing.
  11. I was fitted on May 19th and just received my new irons on June 18th.
  12. Adam H

    Adam H
    Chorley, 0

    Ordered a 34 inch Scotty Special Select Squareback 2 before lockdown started in the UK. Nothing really custom about it, standard shaft, lie, grip, weight etc.... The kind of club you’d expect them to have ready in stock as it was about to get launched over here.

    Still not arrived 3 months later!

    My club ordered about 8 or 9 putters at the same time, the rest came in about 2 weeks ago.

    Nothing from Titleist when it’s been chased up. Not too happy with the customer service.
  13. Ordered in 27/03/20 Arrived on 20/05/20
    There may be quite a substantial backlog occuring right now.
  14. 19hole

    Reading, MA

    There are many factors that go into this. First all of the components need to be available. That includes heads, shafts and grips. It normally takes about a week to complete assembly then there is shipping time and that can be up to 8 days.

    If there is anything special (swing weight, loft or lie adjustments or shaft length) that can add a day or two also.

    There is a significant backlog from the shutdown that they are working to clear. Patience will be key....
  15. Adam H

    Adam H
    Chorley, 0

    And wouldn’t you know it..... rocks up at the pro shop today.

    It’s a thing of beauty

    Post Image
  16. I just ordered some T100s on June 22nd and they are being shipped July 7th. Order away!
  17. Jason R

    Jason R
    Ottawa, ON

    My wife just ordered a new set of irons and a couple of Hybrids - Our pro said 10-12 days from when the order was confirmed (which took about three days as well). So, looking like a couple of weeks these days to get clubs up to Canada. Not bad all things considered.
  18. On June 19th I got fitted for T100s irons, U510 2 Iron, U500 3 Iron, 2 Vokey wedges, TS3 fairway wood, and a Ts1 driver to compensate for my natural fade. I had to get Xtra stiff shafts and had to have the lie angle on all of them changed I was wondering how much longer it will take I still haven't got any updates on my order. other than the status when I check the link saying in progress.
  19. Fitted for full set and placed my order on June 25, received (3) SM8's after 2 weeks, Driver, 3W, Hybrid one week later. Was told 48 degree T-300 was backordered (September) and offered SM8 48 degree instead (received within days). Still waiting for T-300 Irons. Now 6 weeks and still looking for an answer. Showing in progress and not backordered.
  20. Interested how you were able to get them to switch out the T300 for a SM8 48 degree? I placed my order July 19th and was just now told it was back ordered until sometime in September... Customer Service offered to give me a standard head vs the 2 upright I need, not much help.
  21. Ordered custom T400's on 6/10. Was told 3-4 weeks. Didn't happen. Was then told 7/19. Didn't happen. Was then told 7/31. Didn't happen. Was told possibly 10/21 after that. I ended up just cancelling the order.
  22. Chris M

    Chris M
    St. Michael, MN

    I ordered a set of T100’s and SM8’s on 8/4. I es told ship dates of 2-3 weeks when I ordered. Wedges shipped on 8/19. I found out this morning that T100 heads are on back order with estimated arrival in 6 weeks! Needless to say it is extremely frustrating and am contemplating canceling the iron order. I’m in MN and our season will be done by the time I get them.
  23. Trey G

    Trey G

    I ordered a set of T-300’s plus wedges three weeks ago. The status from my sure fit hub only says “Ordered.” Is there any other way to get a more accurate order status from Titleist?

    I emailed the rep, but he just said to keep checking the link I already have.

  24. Richard Collins

    Richard Collins

    Ordered t200 custom fit irons 4-pw on 11 Aug 2020.
    Was told 7-10 days order time.
    Received them 18 Aug 2020.
    This is in U.K.

    Good turnaround time in my opinion.
  25. shiney28

    South East, England

    T200 (5 & 6 iron), T100-S (7 - GW). Ordered on 11 July, arrived 2 September. Can’t wait to hit them tomorrow evening.
  26. I special ordered T300's on August 6. Was told 2-3 weeks and it's now been a month. Haven't been told anything.
  27. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Kevin J said:

    I special ordered T300's on August 6. Was told 2-3 weeks and it's now been a month. Haven't been told anything.

    Maybe instead of posting the same complaint on multiple posts, you might consider talking to the retailer or pro shop where you ordered the irons to get a status? Many times the particular shafts you order are back-ordered from the manufacturer as Titleist would not keep stock on hand. This forum is a users community so we can’t do anything about your specific order. Hopefully you get it resolved soon and can enjoy playing with your new sticks.
  28. I agree. I got my T 300s very quickly in the Spring and waited 5 weeks for TS2 3 and 5 wood. I understand getting in line and waiting and I also understand there are material shortage caused by 3rd parties that Titleist can’t control.

    What disappointed me was the total lack of communication from Titleist. My local golf shop could not get the Titleist rep to answer for two weeks on an update.

    Titleist also provide no communication to me until the clubs. Moved to “in progress. No email to accept the order, no email to show them in Titleist’s system until week 4. We know they are tracking orders and it getting the least bit of feedback was disappointing.

    That said, I love the clubs and the Titleist quality. I just wish the communication was better during the process.
  29. I obviously know no one on the forum can't help me. Others were talking about their delay so I added my comment.
  30. My local shop is telling me that titleist has a backlog of orders
  31. I have ordered a new set..

    TS3 driver and TS3 3-wood with HZRDUS yellow

    3-4 iron in U-500
    5-6-7 in 620 CB
    8-9 in 620 MB
    46’, 52’ 56’ 60’ in SM8

    5-6-7-8-9 in 1 degree stronger.

    All with KBS c-taper s shafts.

    Scotty Cameron Newport select 2 2020

    How long will it take, u guys think?
  32. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    I think this sounds like an awesome set. As for asking us how long they will be, we are clueless. You will get a few people to tell you how long theirs took but circumstances change daily. Only Titleist customer service can give you actual status. They usually work with whatever pro shop or retailer you use to make the order as opposed to Having your personal info to contact you directly. The COVID situation has had an impact on supply chain so many special order or non-standard shafts are on back order, slowing assembly. In other cases, where they have components available, the turnaround is pretty quick.
  33. Sometimes I'm not sure the Titleist reps know any answers either. I placed order for custom T400 irons from a store back in June. Was told 3 weeks. Then was told another month. Finally was told October. I cancelled that order and placed the same order on 8/4 with another store because they said their Titleist rep told them 6 weeks. I am guessing that won't happen either. Each time I get a revised ship date the store is saying that info was from Titleist.
  34. Ordered a set of t200s on September 24th and now being told I won't get them till the end of October
  35. Dale V.....Point well taken. I do sincerely hope, however, that Titleist doesn't come out with a new club selection before we have time to get the ones we have already ordered. I was told 8-10 weeks on my T-series order. From the sounds of things I may be waiting 10-12 weeks. If new clubs are announced next spring and I have not had a chance to get my new ones dirty, I will be very disappointed. Hope Titleist holds off on bringing out new clubs for a bit.....or at least till we get to use the new ones. I do not want new clubs in my bag that are outdated before I get to use them. UUUGGGHHHH.
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