I'm 13 and play a low pw 105 low with spin

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By GPritchard

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  1. Should I try to flight it higher or keep it low. I feel like the high ball is not good for me but it stops easier.

  2. Sam C

    Sam C
    Watertown, NY


    A well-rounded golfer is able to play the best shot suited for the situation they are given. So I would suggest working on the higher flighted shot so that you are comfortable and able to hit it when needed.

    Work on hitting your PW with the ball setup in between your front foot and the middle of your stance. Once you have a feel for how far you hit it, start working it into your game.

    Good luck!
  3. Dwayne N

    Dwayne N
    Island, KY

    As stated above both have uses in a well rounded golfer. I recommend working on both and learning when to use each. Good luck it's a game of a lifetime.
  4. Both are handy as stated above and can be played if different situations. Work with both and play the shot you're most comfortable. Good luck.
  5. Eric Y

    Eric Y
    Nova Scotia

    Try watching some old Ben Hogan swings, and watch his ball position, stance and grip.I always enjoy showing my students the diagram below. Hogan's foot placement diagram is one of the best guides I find for providing a visual of proper ball position.
    Post Image

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