2 Hole-In-One’s, consecutive par 3’s

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By Steve S

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  1. On Friday May 17, 2024 I played my home course of Avalon Links in Burlington WA, the North course with 3 other players. Playing from the White Tee’s, the day started as kind of a “grinder” round, had to work hard to save a bogey out of the sand on the 1st. On the par 3 hole #2, I hit a 9 iron, good swing and contact, to a 125 yd pin that one hoped into the cup for a 1st in my 25+ year golfing career “hole-in-one”. I’d only witnessed 2 others while playing. 3 holes later on the next par 3, hole #5, I hit a 4 iron, again well struck,into a light wind to a 178 yd pin that checked on the greens false front and slow released over the crown down to the flag stick and dropped for a 2nd “hole-in-one” on the same day, consecutive par 3’s. When we got back to the club house I bought a couple beers each for the guys I was playing with. Our club pro over-heard the celebration and came out and said he’d done a quick internet search and said the odds of 2 “holes-in-one” in a round were “67 million to 1”. I guess sometimes “Dumb Luck” comes in a dump truck.

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  2. EddietheKarp


    Incredible day, Steve! Truly a rare feat! Congratulations
  3. Dino S

    Dino S

  4. Congratulations for an amazing accomplishment! I think I would love to be in the same position but I'd rather get lucky with those odds on Powerball. Then I could play more.

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