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By Joshua B

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  1. Hey Scotty enthusiasts, I have a question if love to get some better insight on. For Christmas my wife was kind enough to pull in a favor from a counterpart of hers who works in Southern California and have them stop in The Scotty Cameron Gallery to pick up some goodies (we live in Connecticut and don’t travel as much with a 6 year old girl). I was super pumped to get some gallery release headcover, ball market, shirt, etc. Our friend got there and was helped by a man working there who said they were picked headcovers except a few older ones from 2004, no ball markers except a few rubberized ones, and very little clothing (in fact more styles were available online than in store). They only had stock lefty putters as well, nothing like the one offs I hear about. Our friend was kind enough to get me a couple of long sleeve Perth shirts and some rat rubber ball markers, but was taken back with the lack of inventory. The rep working said because of a late Black Friday release that everything is gone, a patchwork release apparently. Is this common that they get picked clean? Also can anyone who visits frequently speak to the Black Friday events? Would love insight. Thanks fellow TTers and Merry Christmas! (Pic of headcovers for sale only older row was for sale, rest belong to putters bought)

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  2. yes, it is common to sell out of specials quickly. in fact, every day people line up to snatch up the goodies!
  3. Black Friday has two waves of dozens of people. The stock gets crushed and there are very limited releases of the patchwork which are typically black Friday only releases.

    As chris mentioned the inventory gets picked apart on a daily basis. The stock custom shop headcovers and older stuff usually is available but anything new doesn’t last long. I was there last year in sept and passed on grabbing a 1/4 zip. Was back in there a couple days later and the 1/4 zip was sold out

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