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By Sher

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  1. Sher


    Well...this is exciting! I want to get a fitting session for putter. I've been reading a lot about toe hang/flow, putting and stroke paths, alignment, tempo...etc.

    Which putter do you currently use and how did you choose your putter?


    Post Image
  2. I might have to get a new putter after seeing the 2020 special select
  3. Craig P

    Craig P
    Tacoma, WA

    ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!️ SCOTTY CAMERON
  4. Sher


    Craig P said:

    ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!         ️ SCOTTY CAMERON

    Which one do you currently use? Could you share a bit more with me on your experience / overall feel etc?
  5. Mike M

    Mike M
    Salem MA

    A thing of beauty. I'll bet the price is too.........
  6. Brian D

    Brian D

    I love be the face and bottom!! Not sure on the new lettering and font though...
  7. I'm very excited for these to drop. I LOVED my '08 and I have a hunch that this one will feel similar. I hope to have one fitted in time for my trip to SF this summer. I love the NP shape.
  8. Jason R

    Jason R
    Tomball, TX

    I want a Newport 2 but I am curious about the Squarback 2. If the Squareback 2 is that much more forgiving and consistent that could win me over.
  9. £430 is it?
  10. Love the pictures so far!! Anyone know the pricing on these?
  11. Steven P

    Steven P
    Washington, DC

    @SammyC I paid $399.

    I just received my 2020 Special Select Newport 2 and I love it. I will say, putting has always been a strength of mine and I've been using the 2016 Select Newport 2 for the last 4 years now, which I absolutely love - so flow for me is unchanged. IMO the new Special Select NP 2 feels even better. The balance and feel through the stroke from my hands to face feels even more naturally in-sync, something I didn't think was possible. For those interested, I'd definitely go and hit some putts with it and see if you have that same solidly natural feeling that I did at first putt.
  12. Don J

    Don J
    Cranston, RI

    I was checking the specs out seems like all the models have lot of toe flow so I'm sticking with the Scotty I have now
  13. Anthony C

    Anthony C
    Tinton Falls NJ

    I'll be trying out the Newport 2 and 2.5 soon
  14. Just ordered Newport 2. Was fitted last August by a top 100 fitter for a mallet. It just didn’t work for me. Can’t wait for the new Scotty.

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